Our Story

Welcome to Beach Mountain Soul Creations-

Our sign making business is something I've always wanted and I'm so excited to share it with all of you.  I love creating with wood and being able to allow my creative side flow through my creations.  I first started with teaching painting classes to both adults and children.  I loved showing my guests that being creative is fun and positive.  I love having the support of my husband as we figure out all the ins and outs of making this business a reality.  I love doing workshops and creating DIY Kit as well for people to have a stress free way of getting creative on their own and making their own pieces to display.  We have three wonderful kids who also love anything creative.  I would love to help make your home décor visions and ideas come to life.  It's a dream come true and very rewarding to either created something for you that's ready to display or prepare a kit to allow you to get your creative.  We love bringing the positivity and creativity into peoples life.  Thank you for being on this Journey with us.