Creative Box Subscription

~ Join today and receive all the previous month’s door hanger and door hanger inserts to be all caught up!  We’d love to have you! ~

Our Subscription Box is open We have two options!  Local pickup and Shipped to you.  Billing will be the same day you sign up every month unless you cancel, but why would you want too.  All projects will be ready by the 15th of each month.  Kits come with supplies- project cut (1/4 maple usually some times 1/8 wood depending on design), paint, paint brush and foam brush and we are excited to announce that we have found a glue that we will now be including!  We still love Stick Fast CA Thick glue and it can be found on Amazon if you would like a different option.  Some items you already have at  home could be used as well- paper towels and diaper wipes, directions, Private Facebook Group for even more community and video tutorials for the monthly boxes!  You can purchase the subscription for yourself or as a gift for others!  This is a great way to get family and friends together! 

 Option one is for Local Pickup $30/month
Option two is Shipped to you $38/month
     All of our past Creative Boxes!  We Strive to do new fun 
     Boxes and not repeat the same styles close together! 
We love the idea of surprising you each month with a new
Current Creative Box!
Previous Designs!

Visit for a video reel of one of our Creative Boxes!